Leslie Moreno Custodio

A tough year for school
Location: Peru
Nationality: Peruvian
Biography: Leslie is a photographer and reporter based in Peru. Her work explores topics from an ethnographic and a documentary perspective. She focuses on stories related to social justice, environment and identity. She is a graduated communicator with a... MORE
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A tough year for school
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Updated Mar 2021

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Before the pandemic, only 7% of the poorest population in Peru had access to the internet. The closure of schools has meant an additional pothole for students in urban areas of the country, which despite being very close to large cities do not have any of its advantages.
Antes de la pandemia, solo un 7% de la población más pobre de Perú tenía acceso a internet. El cierre de las escuelas ha supuesto un bache adicional para los alumnos de las zonas urbanas del país, que pese a estar muy cerca de las grandes ciudades no cuentan con ninguna de sus ventajas.
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A tough year for school by Leslie Moreno Custodio
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