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Memory and Repression
Biography: I am a photojournalist working on both daily news and long term projects. Based in Barcelona, I specialize in the Catalonia conflict and have been photographing the “separatist process” for the past 5 years. For the past year, I have... read on
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Memory and Repression
Credits: joan mateu
Date of Work: 07/01/19 - 07/31/19
Updated: 08/01/19
As many streets, towns, cities of Spain, Bunyola, a little town in the island of Mallorca, still have fascist monuments of Franco's era.

Memory and repression at Bunyola, Mallorca:
The first photo: ''Cruz of los Caídos fear Dios y fear España''. Present fascist monument at the people of Bunyola, Mallorca. Breaching the Law 52/2007 of Historic Memory.
<So that that was the moment that the consistory found timely to do construct a rood devoted at Los Caídos por Dios y por España [...] The rood goes being disposed at Santa's street Catalina Thomas ;MARGAIS, Xavier.  Bunyola amb la por al cos, la guerra civil a Bunyola (Bunyola With the fear at the body, The civil war at Bunyola). 2004 pag 86.
The following photographs are some of the localizations where found fatalities of murders perpetrated by faithful gunmen at the Movimiento National.

·Photo 2: Sis Camins ( ongoing roundabout of  Crta Vella of Bunyola in front of Son Muntaner): they found Onofre Arbona Jorda and Gabriel Servera Cardell.
·Photo 3: Biniatzar ( way to Raixa): they found 1 corpse, stranger.
·Photo 4: Torrent of Ca Na Cilium (at present parallel at Crta Sóller): they found 6 corpses. Unfamiliar continuums, an ascribed at Josep Pons Sintes and another at Pere Suau Riera.
·Photo 5: Inherited (to Healthy Font Seca, Palmanyola): they found at Josep Cañellas Roser, 1 Stranger attribuited to Joan Busquets Cañellas.
·Photo 6: Path of the Sanatorium of Caubet (ongoing path that rise to the Hospital Joan March, last Dream Molina): they found two corpses attribuited to Guillem Pocoví Sansó and Joan Fiol Martí.
Apart Of these, also found corpses at the Crta Of Sóller (km 11,5) ascribed at Rafel Ferriol Grimalt and at the Path of Dream Amar (ongoing place of shows of leisure) another corpse attribuited to Antoni Juan Massanet.
Many others, of an indeterminate numeral, was buried at near towns or at Palma.


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