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La Condemna Invisible
Biography: I am a photojournalist working on both daily news and long term projects. Based in Barcelona, I specialize in the Catalonia conflict and have been photographing the “separatist process” for the past 5 years. For the past year, I have... read on
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La Condemna Invisible
Credits: joan mateu
Date of Work: 10/31/18 - 09/30/20
Updated: 07/31/19
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Jordi Cuixart is the president of Òmnium Cultural, a Catalan cultural association that works for its own language and culture and the national rights of Catalonia.               
At the beginning of his trial in the Supreme Court, Jordi Cuixart has been in custody for more than one year and six months. The public prosecutor accuses him of rebellion and asks for him 17 years in prison for the events surrounding the referendum on self-de- termination in Catalonia on October 1.            
This reportage shows how the family and friends of the Catalan leader live this situation.                                    
I would like to thanks to Anna Surinyach for all her help in this project.

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