Lisa Elmaleh

Even in that silence
Location: Paw Paw, WV
Nationality: American
Biography: Lisa Elmaleh’s work is an exploration of rural America. Using a portable darkroom in the back of her truck, Elmaleh photographs using the nineteenth century wet plate collodion process. Elmaleh is a West Virginia based photographer and... read on
Private Story
Even in that silence
Copyright lisa elmaleh 2021
Updated 04/02/18
Or cry and cry. The point is, it"™s words, and so"™s
death. Even in that silence
there"™s bird calls or meteors or something hurtling
through space: there"™s matter and light. I"™ve seen it
through the theater of the trees and it was beautiful

It cut my eyes and I didn"™t even care

Ana Božiāeviā‡, from Death, Is All

On February 18, my friend and neighbor, Sam Herrmann, looked out her window to see orange tape marking her property lines.  She called the woman who owns the property next door, Gloria Ryan, who has never lived on the property, and has seldom set foot on it.  Gloria Ryan explained her intent: the land would be clear cut for profit - all 106 acres. 

Deforestation is devastating on every level - environmentally, humanistically.  It is a violation, a violent attack on the land, deeper still when it happens to your home.  Clear cutting trees is not a sustainable way to harvest lumber - and a large amount of these particular trees are going to pulp wood, for readymade furniture, disposable cups, paper bags.  These trees are being disposed of.  

Seeing these photographs will hopefully inform a new generation, and bring a hard line visual reality to everyone who uses disposable products.  Perhaps the person who sees these images will give a second thought to bringing their reusable mug with them.  Perhaps the person who sees these images will inform their children, future landowners, that deforestation is not a solution, it is the problem.  Perhaps there is a way to stop clear cutting, and harvest lumber sustainably - perhaps there is a way to take our politicians to task on the matter.  I know these photographs are not the solution, but they are made to start the dialogue - this is what deforestation looks like, how can we prevent this from happening in the future?

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