Petra Lajdova

Location: Bratislava
Nationality: Slovak
Biography: Petra Lajdová (1978) Slovakia, Bratislava.  Artist statement:  I am seeking to renew interest in traditional art, offering a modern view of precious cultural heritage to today’s generations.. I aim to see new way of... read on
Exhibitions News
Exhibition at Miloš Alexander Bazovský Gallery in Trenčín
petra lajdova
Jan 29, 2017
Pleased to announce that "Slovak Renaissance" (Slovak Folk Art) contemporary photography will be exhibited at the Miloš Alexander Bazovský Gallery in Trenčín, Slovakia. 
photographer/artist: Petra Lajdová
curator: Ela Porubänová

The exhibition will be held from February 2 until March 26, 2017. 

The M. A. Bazovský Gallery has always been directed at Slovak fine art of the 20th century, a fact which is fully reflected in the choice of works of art of collection and exhibition. The most extensive and valuable part of the collection, today comprising 4500 works – paintings, pieces of graphic art, drawings, sculptures and photographies, is the set of works by Alexander Bazovský, one thousand paintings and drawings altogether.The gallery records works by M.Benka, M.Galanda, Ľ.Fulla, E.Gwerk, C.Majerník, G.Mallý, J.Mudroch, E.Šimerová, J.Jakoby, V.Hložník, E.Zmeták, Galanda´s disciples and other members of the old, middle and young generations of Slovak fine art. It also owns a remarkable collection of graphic and sculpture works which presents the key Slovak personalities of these art branches in the 20th century

By Petra Lajdova —

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