Petra Lajdova

artbook Slovak Renaissance (Slovenská renesancia)
Location: Bratislava
Nationality: Slovak
Biography: Petra Lajdová (1978) Slovakia, Bratislava.  Artist statement:  I am seeking to renew interest in traditional art, offering a modern view of precious cultural heritage to today’s generations.. I aim to see new way of... read on
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artbook Slovak Renaissance (Slovenská renesancia)
petra lajdova
Dec 19, 2019
Location: Bratislava
Happy and pleased to announce that new art book SLOVAK RENAISSANCE (SLOVENSKÁ RENESANCIA) will soon be out and available in bookstores.

The representative bilingual collection of the Slovak Renaissance / Slovak Renaissance presents almost 40 photographs depicting bridal headbands and headdresses (traditional clothing of single and married women) from various regions of Slovakia, as well as black and white photographs with descriptions that took place during this creative process 2012 - 2014. It celebrates the art of Slovak ancestors and pays homage to Slovak traditional art in an unconventional way. The curator of Another Europe from the UK, Hamish Park, also speaks to the reader.

Slovenská renesancia I Slovak Renaissance I art book

Published 2019 by Fortuna Libri publishing house
Text in English and Slovak
40 color and black & white photographs
Hard cover
300mm x 300mm
96 pages

In August 2014, the artwork “Slovak Renaissance” was exhibited for the first time, in 2016 part of the art work was presented in Paris at EURO2016 (country representation). In February 2017, the whole collection (great solo exhibition) was exhibited at Miloš Alexander Bazovský fine art gallery in Trenčín in Slovakia and achieved over 4200 recording visitors during its presentation (record turnout of the gallery). Slovak Renaissance series showed great solo exhibition display also at prestigious Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum in Slovakia in summer 2017. Visitors had a great opportunity to see these large-format photographs within great exhibition space in Europe.

In 2018, part of the art work was showed in London, as part of the “Another Europe” group exhibition to celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritage, in the autumn 2018 in Rome at the international group exhibition entitled “The Essential”  and in spring 2019 in the cultural capital of Romania, Sibiu, as part of the second edition of “Another Europe” exhibition held by Austrian Cultural Forum in London and Romania.
Slovak Renaissance - Slovak traditional art and esthetics by Petra Lajdova
Fine art photography of Slovak folk costumes, headpieces. Slovak cultural heritage. Limited edition art prints. Slovenská fotografia. Umelecká tlač Hahnemühle.

By Petra Lajdova —

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