Katrin Streicher

In Between
Location: Berlin, Germany
Nationality: German
Biography: Katrin Streicher works on commissions and on long-term personal projects in which she explores the relationships between people, places, belonging and identity. Based in Berlin, she studied Visual Anthropology in Manchester, and Photography at... read on
Public Story
In Between
Credits: katrin streicher
Updated: 04/09/13

In Between is about the perception of space and time that uncloses itself to the passengers on their journey through Siberia's, China's and Mongolia's open spaces; it is about the state of being in between; in between cities and countries, in between time zones, in between the walls of the train compartments, in between strangers, in between getting off the train and the continuation of the journey. My photographs capture moments in front and behind the windows of the Trans Siberia Railway. They are instantaneous images of people interacting in train compartments and of daily routines in places along the tracks.


By Katrin Streicher —


home is in my imagination

By Katrin Streicher / Horna Stubna, Slovakia — In my photographs I focus on the village Horná Štub┼ła (German: Oberstuben)  in Slovakia..

Counting days and bees

By Katrin Streicher / Berlin — Documenting my family during the Covid-19 Lockdown Life has changed dramatically for me and my family during..

Night time tremors

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Everyday Backdrops

By Katrin Streicher — The photographs in Katrin Streicher's 'Everyday Backdrops' series were taken during her travels through the..
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