Katrin Streicher

Everyday Backdrops
Location: Berlin, Germany
Nationality: German
Biography: Katrin Streicher works on commissions and on long-term personal projects in which she explores the relationships between people, places, belonging and identity. Based in Berlin, she studied Visual Anthropology in Manchester, and Photography at... read on
Public Story
Everyday Backdrops
Credits: katrin streicher
Updated: 04/09/13

The photographs in Katrin Streicher's 'Everyday Backdrops' series were taken during her travels through the North West of the United States from Oregon through California and Utah to Colorado.

The photographer shows quiet, seemingly common and ordinary places that seem like the leftovers of a film set shot many years ago, arousing curiosity for the unknown stories they have experienced. The European anticipation of a ‘modern new world’ is questioned since these places in the view of the photographer could have been taken in a previous decade.
One feels tempted to discover their secrets. However these can disappear between the trees like nightly shadows, withdrawing from the searching eyes in the dark. What remains are traces and yet exactly these traces unmistakably reflect the passage of time.
A ferris wheel just recovering from dizziness, colourful balloons waiting to wither and faint colours dreaming of the glory days. Abandoned hotels with pink walls whispering their visitors' stories. All these quiet voices tell the universal story of arriving and leaving, of love and life, of sadness, cheerfulness and of longing.
What remains is the questions about the traces we leave behind once we leave the picture frame? 
What do we see when our eyes start wandering? 
What stories remain in places once we continue walking? 
And what do places that lie ahead of us whisper?


By Katrin Streicher —


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