Juan Manuel Barrero Bueno

Visual storyteller
Illegal Minning in Nariño
Location: Colombia
Nationality: Colombian
Biography: Juan Manuel Barrero Bueno is a Colombian filmmaker and photography technologist.  He graduated in Film and Photography technologist from UNITEC in Bogotá. He has worked in video, product photography, travel photography, and... read on
At the end of 2017, a group of the Colombian National Police specialized in the fight against Illegal Mining, was prepared in the city of Bogotá, to carry out a mission in the dense jungles of the department of Nariño in southern Colombia.
The objective was to put out of service several backhoes that were illegally exploiting gold in this area.
The planning was exhaustive, to avoid errors in the procedures.
Anti-riot police were deployed to disperse the workers and be able to destroy the machinery without problems.
C4 explosives were installed in each of the backhoes and were blown up at the site, because it is impossible to remove them from the site.
The destruction of the forest is evident and the amount of mercury that is used is very large, so the damage is already done.
The people who live from this activity are between the sword and the wall, since like the coca business, it is controlled by illegal armed actors that operate in the region and it is almost the only source of income that the inhabitants have in these areas.


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