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Forced Displacement in Chocó
Location: USA/Colombia
Nationality: Colombian
Biography: Juan Manuel Barrero Bueno www.jmbb.net Documentary Photographer and Filmmaker. I have developed projects for OXFAM, GTZ, DIAKONIA, USAID, MDM, ACDIVOCA, OSF, WWF, Kroc Institute and have worked with the United Nations (UN) and its various... MORE
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Forced Displacement in Chocó
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Updated Apr 2023
Location Chocó
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Due to the war that has been waged in Colombia for more than forty years, and with the participation of different guerrillas, paramilitary groups and the Colombian State itself, the civilian population has been the one that has paid for the broken dishes of this confrontation, because it is the one directly violated in his rights and in his life, having to leave his zones of life to flee from the war.
The armed conflict in Colombia has caused that approximately four million people move from their homes, going to the cities or municipal capitals, where they do not have the possibility of even having the basic services for their survival.
These people, in addition to being outside their homes, perhaps with missing or dead relatives, in a position of helplessness and vulnerability, do not have the money or enough support to achieve a minimum and dignified livelihood in the places where they can achieve. to get away from the conflict.
This reality is experienced in the main capitals of the country, as witnessed by its large belts of misery, entire neighborhoods made up of displaced populations from all regions, as well as living it, the small intermediate cities or in this case the marginalized neighborhoods in the capital of the most backward department of Colombia: Chocó.
In Quibdó, which is the capital of Chocó, it is where many of the displaced people come from the violence of the areas near the Atrato River, as well as from populations as far away as: Santa Rosa, in the middle of San Juan, located many kilometers away. by river.
Adding this problem to that the Chocó has in its history with the largest amount of public treasury resources lost due to corruption in Colombia, there are no effective mechanisms by the Colombian State to be able to serve this vulnerable population and this leads to quality of displaced Chocoanos is very low or simply does not occur.
It is the idea of this project, to show those faces, that environment, that kind of life or "sub-life" if you like, and all the efforts that these people make to survive and cope with this reality that plagues many people nowadays in Colombia, thanks to this endless armed conflict, as a way to make this reality visible in international spheres, giving it much more relevance and importance, as a way to stop this type of situations, but in the world, at least in this part of America.

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Forced Displacement in Chocó by Juan Manuel Barrero Bueno
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