Hanna Jarzabek

Photographer & Photojournalist
Location: Madrid /Spain
Nationality: Polish
Biography: Hanna Jarzabek (1976, Poland). She finished a Master degree in Political Science and worked on refugee reports for UN agencies such as UNRWA and UNCTA. She developed her passion for photography while travelling (the Gaza Strip, Iran,... read on
"The Autumn Flowers" projection in Cerlà (Girona/Spain)
hanna jarzabek
Jun 27, 2019
This afternoon in Cerlà (Girona/Spain) I'll have a pleasure to present my documentary about homosexual elders "The Autumn Flowers", here you have a trailer:

Flores de otoño (The Autumn Flowers)
"We people over 60 went through the lack of freedom and the lack of education in an open and relaxed atmosphere. Now we find ourselves in a situation in which…


By Hanna Jarzabek —

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