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VOR: Before the Satellite
Location: Madrid
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Born in Valencia (Spain). Lives and works in Madrid (Spain). Bachelor Degree in Psychology. Website: www.ignacioevangelista.com My photographic series show the relationship, sometimes contradictory, between the natural and the artificial, between... read on
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VOR: Before the Satellite
Copyright Ignacio Evangelista 2022
Updated May 2021
VHF omnidirectional range  (VORs) are huge radio antennas, also called radio beacons, used in aviation, through which information is transmitted and received to fix the location of passing aircrafts and the routes established by their pilots. VORs are located in isolated and remote locations far away from big populations to avoid interferences in their radio broadcasts, so they are rarely seen and known, except by people related to the world of aeronautics, thus they generate strange and disturbing images, and provide an interesting contradiction between artefact and nature. VOR is the current standard air navigational system in the world, although he future of VORs is uncertain due to the development of satellite navigation systems, which work more accurately, especially in Europe, with the European satellite system “GALILEO” whose full implementation planned for 2.020, is underway.
In this project, I am portraying some of the VOR stations through which an imaginary air route would pass, connecting some of the major European airports.


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