Gerhardt Coetzee

Documentary Photographer
Location: Cape Town
Nationality: South African
Biography: Gerhardt Coetzee (b. 1983, Pretoria) is an Afrikaans photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa, who explores shifting micro-utopias in South Africa, especially the hangover of apartheid amongst the Afrikaans community; 'Die Volk’.... read on
Public Story
Jesus Saves Rainbow Chickens
Credits: gerhardt coetzee
Date of Work: 11/01/14 - 11/08/14
Updated: 11/23/18
Location: south africa

Jesus saves rainbow chickens.

The structures and symbols of religion are such familiar signs in the South African cityscape, that they are almost impossible to defarmiliarise. They speak of the perpetual human insistence that there is more, that there is something beyond the here and now. The church building and the sign Jesus Saves articulate a profound hope in the midst of an encroaching landscape.

By Gerhardt Coetzee —

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