Gerhardt Coetzee

Documentary Photographer
Location: Cape Town
Nationality: South African
Biography: Gerhardt Coetzee (b. 1983, Pretoria) is an Afrikaans photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa, who explores shifting micro-utopias in South Africa, especially the hangover of apartheid amongst the Afrikaans community; 'Die Volk’.... read on
Public Story
Credits: gerhardt coetzee
Date of Work: 10/31/17 - 11/01/18
Updated: 11/26/18
The Blyvooruitzicht mine is a large mine located near the village of Blyvooruitzicht in the northern part of Gauteng, South Africa. The once vibrant mining town of Blyvooruitzicht is being stripped. Its silent mine is stuck in legal limbo as liquidators try to sell it to cover debts. The Blyvoor mine was founded a century ago, and a small town soon grew neatly around its rich gold seams. Its name, meaning happy prospect, was born of optimism.

By Gerhardt Coetzee —

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