Sophie Brill

Photographer, editor, runner, haver of opinions.
Location: New York, NY
Nationality: American
Biography:         Sophie Brill  is a New York City-based photo editor and curator, and a graduate at the School of Visual Arts. She is the Photo Editor at Narratively Inc. Check out her profile, here . 
The Story of the Groundbreaking Boxing Champ Who Lost His Title--Because He Was Gay
sophie brill
Jun 16, 2017
Dividing his time between Harlem and France, he was treated at some times as a champion and others as scum. He came to the country homeless, with ambition to conquer the boxing world. Despite his high skills, he was stripped of the title without any explanation after rumors of his sexuality came afloat.

Photo by Agence Meurisse, courtesy of Bibliotheque nationale de France

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