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Photographer, editor, runner, haver of opinions.
Location: New York, NY
Nationality: American
Biography:         Sophie Brill  is a New York City-based photo editor and curator, and a graduate at the School of Visual Arts. She is the Photo Editor at Narratively Inc. Check out her profile, here . 
Meet The 20-Year Old Reporter Who's Firing Questions At President Trump--From The White House
sophie brill
Jun 16, 2017
Kyle Mazza created a news site when he was just eight years old. By high school, he was already on the front lines of independent journalism.

In February, Mazza caught the attention of President Trump and, thus, the broader media world. During Trump’s first solo press briefing, Mazza squeezed in a question about what Melania Trump does for the country. It elicited an amiable response from the heated president, who had gone on a media-bashing rampage.

“Now that’s what I call a nice question. That is very nice,” Trump responded.

Photography by Kristen McNicholas

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