Sophie Brill

Photographer, editor, runner, haver of opinions.
Location: New York, NY
Nationality: American
Biography:         Sophie Brill  is a New York City-based photo editor and curator, and a graduate at the School of Visual Arts. She is the Photo Editor at Narratively Inc. Check out her profile, here . 
Monday, November 6th, SVA Theater!
sophie brill
Oct 2, 2017
NYC: I'm humbled to share that my thesis project, "Proof of Age," which deals with the inconsistencies in how the safety and sale of guns is regulated in the United States, has won the 2017 Anthony M. Ruotolo Photojournalism Award, presented by the Imaging Alliance! I will receive this award and be giving a presentation about this work at an event next month, during which three fantastic photographers--Stephanie Sinclaire, Brooke Shaden and Jerry Ghionis--will be honored for their work that uses imagery to give back and raise awareness to social and cultural issues globally.

These photographers are amazing and their work is incredibly important. There will be an audience Q&A afterwards, and if that's not enough to get you there, the event will be followed by a reception. 
Event info: Monday, November 6, 6pm at SVA Theater. Admission is $25, and all proceeds will go to charity.

Register here: 

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