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Photographer & Film Producer
The Jarawa Chronicles
Location: PARIS
Nationality: FRENCH
Biography:     Claire Beilvert is a photographer and documentary producer. For more than 10 years she has been devoting herself to long-term projects. She spent several years in Myanmar investigating the Karen war of rebellion against the military... MORE
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The Jarawa Chronicles
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Updated Apr 2017
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The Jarawa Chronicles

 The Jarawa are one of the last afro-Asians people of the world. These hunters-gatherers are living in the Andaman Islands, in India, for thousands and thousands of years. According to recent studies, they are believed to have taken part in the very first human migrations from Africa to the rest of the world, some 70,000 years ago. And they first encountered Indian citizens only a decade ago.

Since then, the Andaman islands had become the top touristic destination. Indian governement wants to transform the archipelago into the country's first maritime hub and buid the largest port on the Indian ocean in Port Blair, the capital city.

 The situation of the Jarawa people has severely deteriorated. Women have been abducted and raped by Indians. They are are also victims of human safaris photos, organised by local tour operators and the Indian army. Yet, it is forbidden to enter their territory, subject to prison sentences.

 For the last four years, I have managed to meet the Jarawa people several times to document their life.  They told me their story of their foreseeable disappearance, of forceful assimilation. They are only 420 people left. I discovered a beautiful and fragile world. The Jarawa Chronicles is their testimony, the legacy of the first humans. It's a unique dive into their life.

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The Jarawa Chronicles by Claire Beilvert
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