Claire Beilvert

Photographer & Film Producer
I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN - In progress
Location: PARIS
Nationality: FRENCH
Biography:     Claire Beilvert is a photographer and documentary producer. For more than 10 years she has been devoting herself to long-term projects. She spent several years in Myanmar investigating the Karen war of rebellion against the military... read on
Public Story
I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN - In progress
Libya. Benghazi city. March 2011. Red Croissant camp. Gaddafi's army is at the doors of the city.  Foreign workers have been evacuated, journalists are leaving the country. but African refugees are stucked here. Most of the refugees are  Erithreans, Oromos, Somalians and Soudanese.

Women, men ask me to photograph them. To leave a trace. Not to be forgotten. A photo and a name on a list of paper. It is a work under emergency. 

Where are they, 6 years later ? Are they safe ? Have they been able to built a new life ?

This is to answer these questions that the Multimedia Project I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN is born.

( Names are hidden for the moment due to privacy and security reasons )


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