Claire Beilvert

Photographer & Film Producer
Location: PARIS
Nationality: FRENCH
Biography:     Claire Beilvert is a photographer and documentary producer. For more than 10 years she has been devoting herself to long-term projects. She spent several years in Myanmar investigating the Karen war of rebellion against the military... read on
Public Story
Credits: claire beilvert
Updated: 09/12/16

“Exile is to be naked of rights.” Victor Hugo.

A story of the African migrants who risk their lives to reach Europe. On our shores, they are 'illegal', the 'undocumented'. In Africa, they are considered 'adventurers'. At the origin, there is always a dream. That of choosing to live as a free man. Of taking one's destiny into one's own hands. They embark on an exile's journey without knowing where it will lead them.

This 'adventure' equates to enslavement. The migrants offer up their lives to those who control the route. Smugglers, traffickers, police officers, border guards... impose their rhythm upon them.

The terrible odyssey of the African migrants takes them across the Ténéré Desert, on the same road once travelled by the slave caravans. Those who survive thirst find themselves in Libya, where they are detained and tortured in secret prisons. Finally, a tiny minority reach the gateway to Europe. From Greece, they try to board a ferry to Italy.


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