Alvin Báez

Tranbleman Tè an Ayiti
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Nationality: American
Biography: Alvin was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is a graduate of the Esnesto Ramos Antonini music school, where he completed his middle and high-school education, with an emphasis on double bass and other musical instruments. In 1997, he enrolled in... read on
Public Story
Tranbleman Tè an Ayiti
Credits: alvin baez
Date of Work: 01/13/10 - 01/27/10
Updated: 10/08/18
Archived as: 

A massive earthquake devastated Haiti on Jan. 12, 2010, reducing much of the capital Port-au-Prince to rubble. The death toll reached hundreds of thousands, while badly injured survivors roamed the streets in search of much-needed help. More than 200,000 people died, and at least another 300,000 injured people had been treated. At least 250,000 homes were destroyed and 30,000 businesses lost.     



By Alvin Báez —

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