Alinne Rezende

Payer of promises
Location: Sao Paulo
Nationality: brazilian
Biography: Photography has always matched with all my passions, all my choices and curiosities. It has always been my best excuse - excuse to be there, to go, to tell, to listen, to come back, to know more or to be just a memory. It has made me think, look,... read on
Public Story
Payer of promises
Credits: alinne rezende
Date of Work: 10/12/13 - 01/13/18
Updated: 06/05/19
Location: Aparecida Do Norte
In Brazil, is a common tradition to ask for help of the saints and every year thousands of devotees, coming from all parts of the country, comes to the temple of Our Lady of Aparecida to pay their promises, pray, ask for protection and be grateful for all the blessings achieved. 
Every October 12th, Brazilians celebrate her day, also the most famous day to pay the promises. Some of these promises can look too harsh for those who do not believe or have no faith, but every single one of them, pay their promises with a warm heart full of love, faith and devotion for the Blessed Virgin Mary that takes care of all the payers of promises as a mother for their sons.  

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