lorena turner

Photographer + Professor
Faces, Hands, Surfaces
Location: Queens, New York
Nationality: North American
Biography:   Lorena creates photography projects that straddle the areas of documentary, journalism and fine art. Her work is inspired by various cultural and academic spheres including graphic design, forensics, sociology,... read on
Public Story
Faces, Hands, Surfaces
Copyright lorena turner 2021
Updated 05/30/20
Location Queens, New York
Hands, Faces and Surfaces is a selection of gloves, face masks and wipes that were collected from the streets and sidewalks of Queens, New York and photographed during the Spring 2020 quarantine. Each type of object (glove, mask, wipe) is compiled in its own book and titled with a caption from a photo essay that appeared in the New York Times at the start of the pandemic.

"The seats were empty at rehearsal, and remained so for the online performance." - title of book featuring gloves

"An unchanging ocean, a barely recognizable beach in Santa Monica." - title of book featuring masks

"Even cherry blossom season did not draw visitors to the Lincoln Memorial." - title of book featuring surfaces

Fifty copies of each book were made, they were packaged together and sent to people Lorena interacted with between mid-March, which marked the start of the quarantine period in the United States, and May, when the project was completed.

If you would like one of the remaining copies, click here to follow the link that will allow you to pay for postage.

Books were printed by Printing Center USA


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