Alejandra Carles-Tolra

A Place Like Home
Location: London, UK
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Alejandra Carles-Tolra is a photographer and educator from Barcelona currently based in London.  Her work has been published and exhibited internationally, including The Guardian, CNN, Vice, The Huffington Post, NYTimes’ T Magazine,... read on
Public Story
A Place Like Home

Since moving to the Mission Hill neighborhood of Boston from my native Barcelona, I have gotten to know several Puerto Rican families who live nearby. As I began to build a relationship with them, I was welcomed into their homes and families. I have become interested in both the interiors of their apartments and in making their portraits.

The spaces fascinate me because of their careful decoration. The families present their homes as glorious domestic spaces-- even as the walls and woodwork show signs of long use. The use of golden furniture, and shiny ornaments, as well as religious iconography describes an intense relationship to religious belief.

In the portraits, I am interested in personalities and relationships. While I learned about their stories and generational relationships, I began to attempt to photograph their characters and vibrant gestures. Throughout my visits I have been aiming to depict what has kept me mesmerized all these months. 


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