Youngho Kang

Shaman and Photographer
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Nationality: Korean
Biography: 대학에서 불문학을 전공한 그는, 20대 후반 우연한 계기로 사진에 대한 재능을 발견했다. 테크닉 면에서는 다소 미흡했지만, 대상과의 인터뷰를 통해 인물의 숨겨진 표정을 끌어내는 커뮤니케이션 능력과, 한 장의 사진에 스토리를 담아내는 문학적 감각, 그리고 음악을 틀어놓고 마치 춤을 추듯 사진을 찍는, 공연과 같은 작업방식으로 얻은, ‘춤추는 사진작가’라는 독특한 별명은, 비교적 이른 나이에 상업 사진가로서의 성공을... MORE
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Shaman and Photographer
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Updated Sep 2021
Contacting with God and Inhaling Spirit - Shaman and Photographer

The contact with God is the realm of Lee Hae-kyung(Shaman), and the Inhaling spirit is the specialty of photographer Kang Young-ho.
In the middle of the stage, two people face each other with a glass window without walls in between.
As always, Kang Young-ho captures himself reflected in the glass and dances.
Lee Hae-kyung, as he did for decades, begins the exorcism by calling God with sounds and gestures.
In the first acts 1 and 2, the identities of each other are revealed one after another with glass windows in between.
In the third act, when the glass window, that is, the border, disappears, the two go their own way, and the contradiction coexists on the stage.
However, Lee Hae-kyung's exorcim music and Kang Young-ho's shoutng exclamation, make a harmony.
As if the sun and the moon are floating in a sky, and the night and the day coexist, the two shake the eyes, minds, and reason of the viewers.
Because both people, it is a job to shake and hold the soul of a person.
In other words, Exorcism is the work of Lee Hae-kyung and the picture is the work of Kang Young-ho.
In exorcism, they could coexist, but virtually no one could imagine that these acts could be seen as performance on stage.
The message of this performance is "Coexistence."
In fact, the most important word in the title was "and", or conjunction.
Lee Hae-kyung and Kang Young-ho were determined and did not intend to show anything.
Lee Hae-kyung performs, and Kang Young-ho dances, takes pictures, takes pictures and displays them in the air.
Although it is an online performance that is shown on the air, this performance exists only at that time in action. In other words, there is no return like Happening.
They say.
“I just wanted to show that we were together.”
For them, the profound artistic context is, "No. we don't have"
 Kang Young-ho emphasizes.
“Don't look at it as art. It's just a shaman's play with a photographer.

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Shaman and Photographer by Youngho Kang
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