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But her face
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Nationality: Korean
Biography: Youngho Kang was born in 1970, Seoul, South Korea. He is well known as a commercial photographer in South Korea. His nickname is “Dancing Photographer”, a nickname given to him because of his unique shooting style, which is that while... read on
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But her face
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Updated 11/10/18
Location South Korea

But her face

I had a chance to make documentary pictures for Geunhye Park’s campaign of election in 2011, who was Korea's first female president. In my case, I took her pictures mainly from the back. Because, I wanted to know her view-point, show her reflection in the public’s expressions. I thought the public are her mirror. In the end, she could be the president. But unfortunately she has been impeached by the people in 2017. From 2016 the public had realized that themselves were not her mirror any more, Which means she had not focus on the public, and pursue to maintain personal things. So her appearance from the back with hairstyle became her representative image to a lots of people. 2017, I could take her facade in a news. And I could help asking to ourselves if our expectation is always reasonable. I thought we tend to trust our expectation and desire as the truth. But her face is…


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