Walter Hurtado

Quarantine Lights
Location: panama
Nationality: colombian
Biography: Walter Hurtado (1993) is a freelance photographer and visual storyteller based in Panama. Walter´s work is focused on social justice, human rights, and migration related issues.   Originally graduated from International Trade and... MORE
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Quarantine Lights
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Updated Jan 2022
Topics Documentary, Pandemics, Personal Projects, Photography

"Quarantine Lights" is my memory from home during the pandemic,  this  diary  is linked to a state of mind, documenting the complicity and intimacy that I have shared with my sister and boyfriend at the time who lived with me.

The dynamics that we built at home worked  as a survival mechanism. Each gesture of our daily life becomes a story where we can almost collectively identify ourselves.

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Quarantine Lights by walter hurtado
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