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Water Seller
Location: panama
Nationality: colombian
Biography: Walter Hurtado (1993) is a freelance photographer and visual storyteller based in Panama. Walter´s work is focused on social justice, human rights, and migration related issues.   Originally graduated from International Trade and... MORE
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Water Seller
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Updated Jan 2022
Topics Documentary, Journalism, Photography, Water
The water problem in communities such as Obando, Matapalos, Guanábanal among others still affects healthy and poor people on these areas. Sugarcane cultivation soil has made water treatment difficult in those areas. ⁣ ⁣

The water seller travels every day except Wednesdays and weekends with a green Mazda 2200 Model 92 Pickup, loaded with a 1,300-liter tank to supply homes, residential farms, and producing farms. Activity that continues even during a pandemic where demand has risen up to 4000 liters of water per day. ⁣

Through these photographs, the workday of an essential person for a community that needs water in its day to day is visualized, referring to the human-social condition, and its environment.
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Water Seller by walter hurtado
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