Kenneth Nelson

Harlem Nocturnal
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Nationality: American
Biography: Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, and currently managing digital images at an in-houseagency—I’ve been working on personal fine art projects, some of which appear on this site. A graduate of Pratt Institute with BFA in photography,... read on
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Harlem Nocturnal
Credits: kenneth nelson
Updated: 10/12/16
Location: New York City
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Harlem Nocturnal

At night, our ability to see is severely diminished. The nighttime makes us more conscientious to the sounds we hear and the things that move around us. We have the sun to light our days, but depend on artificial light at night.  They don't replace the sun; only augment our vision.

The village takes on a different persona once the sun has set. In 2001, as Harlem was in the early stages of a transition, I noticed an absence of tour buses and tourists after sunset.  This registered as odd to me.  Anyplace worth visiting during the day, had to be equally interesting at night.  Like any other village or town, it's just quieter at night.  Not less interesting.

Definition: Webster's New World Dictionary (Third College Edition)

Noc tur nal 1) of, done or happening in the night 2) functioning or active during the night 3) having blossoms that open at night as some flowers


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