Kenneth Nelson

PS 26, Governors Island
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Nationality: American
Biography: Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, and currently managing digital images at an in-houseagency—I’ve been working on personal fine art projects, some of which appear on this site. A graduate of Pratt Institute with BFA in photography,... read on
Public Story
PS 26, Governors Island

This project came about as a result of selecting Governors Island as the place I would do my semester of intership.  For the most part, I was given open access to the island in order to record it as an artist in residence (ala carte).

At the time, I truly didn't comprehend the honor bestowed upon me.  The chief warrant officer who supervised my visits placed no restrictions on my movements from what I can recall.  The people on the island, who were active duty Coast Guard, their spouses and children gave of themselves openly and endearingly.

More than 28 years later, I look at these images and see what I couldn't see then...  Recording a piece of valuable history to remind others at a later date.

October 1987, Lunch Time, Cafeteria at PS 26, Governors Island


By Kenneth Nelson —


The Space Between Us

By Kenneth Nelson — We gather collectively At this time performing our assignments individually I’m wondering whether to go, or not left right left right, right..

Harlem Nocturnal

By Kenneth Nelson — Microsoft Word - Bio-Enfoco2010.doc Harlem Nocturnal At night, our ability to see is severely diminished. The nighttime makes us more conscientious..
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