Arianna Pagani

Still moving
Location: Bologna
Nationality: Italy
Biography: Hello, I'm Arianna Pagani. I'm a Filmmaker and multimedia journalist.
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Still moving
Copyright Arianna Pagani 2022
Updated Aug 2020
Location Italy
Still moving is a images series unlinked.
A journey starting in Cilento, in the south of Italy, passing through the Lao river of Pollino National Park in Calabria. It went on in the small region of Basilicata, climbing the magnificant mountain of Gran Sasso in Abruzzo, in the middle of Italy. We're still moving north, back home on the less-traveled trails. In this “still” we had meet close friends, and new soul people.
This is my restitutions. Connected with remote working and little adventures.

We started driving away from the months just gone by. Along the way the meeting of friends, old and new, and the knowledge of their current lives. Habits, gardens, agriculture, nature, small communities, love, friendship. A colorful mixture of living standards. And moving, almost dancing, inside their lives, a little takes to bring home and a little leaves them.


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