Arianna Pagani

Photojournalist & Camera operator
Mosul in the edge of chaos
Location: Bologna
Nationality: Italy
Biography: Hello, I'm Arianna Pagani. I'm a photojournalist and video reporter.  I documented the stories of civil society during humanitarian crises and armed conflicts in the Middle East. In recent years I worked in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon,... read on
Public Story
Mosul in the edge of chaos
Credits: arianna pagani
Updated: 02/26/20
Location: MOSUL, IRAQ
Mosul, Iraq's second-most populous city, fell to an ISIL blitzkrieg in June 2014. The group's fighters poured over the border from Syria, seizing large swaths of northern Iraq. Two years later, the Iraqi army - backed by local militias, Kurdish forces and air strikes carried out by an international coalition - began an operation to drive ISIL out of the city.

By Arianna Pagani —


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