Arianna Pagani

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Location: Bologna
Nationality: Italy
Biography: Hello, I'm Arianna Pagani. I'm a Filmmaker and multimedia journalist.
Public Story
United for Peace
Copyright Arianna Pagani 2022
Updated May 2021
Location iraq
Topics Civil Rights, Civil Wars, Community, Confrontation, Conservation, Documentary, Education, Emotion, Family, Freedom, Independence, Iraq, Isis, Islam, Isolation, Motherhood, Multimedia, Oppression, Peace, Poverty, Remote area, Video, War, Woman, Womens Rights, Youth
Filmed, documented and edited by Arianna Pagani and Sara Manisera

Video implemented by Un Ponte Per
in partnership with Malteser International
and funded by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Ma'an Lil-Salaam
means many things.
It means escape and return,
Dialogue, forgiveness and reconciliation.
It means independence. 

After daesh, I learned many things. 

Which are my rights, my women's rights. 

I had the courage to go to the judge and get my children back.
I opened a tailoring shop.
I got a job as an educator. 

They told me that Muslims were bad people. 

My children today play sports with their children. 

I feel closer to the people, to my people. 

Ma'an Lil-Salaam

My name is Noor, Rasool, Anfal.
My name is Mariam, Ranin, Dalal. 

I am from Mosul, from Bartella, from Hamdaniya.

I fled, I lost a husband, a son.
I came back. I trust the others. I trust myself.
Ma'an Lil-Salaam

Text by Sara Manisera
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United for Peace by Arianna Pagani
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