Ana Palacios

Visual journalist
Location: Madrid
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Ana Palacios is a journalist and a documentary photographer focused in telling underrepresented stories with impact shining a light on broken corners in collaboration with NGOs such as Manos Unidas , Africa Directo and UNICEF . In 2021 she was... MORE
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Slave Children: The Back Door
ana palacios
Feb 26, 2020
Slave children. The back door

A short documentary (25') that documents how 21st-century children victim of human trafficking are returned to society: from the time they are rescued from slavery to the moment they are returned to their families.

There is a back door that thousands of West African children find to cross through in the region of the world with the highest rate of child trafficking.

There is also a photo exhibition and a book on this project.

Available on demand. English version and Spanish version.

More info:
inicio - Niños Esclavos. La Puerta de Atrás - Un proyecto documental de Ana Palacios | Children Slaves: The Back Door - A documentary project by Ana Palacios
Niños esclavos: la puerta de atrás ¿Qué sucede después de que un niño haya escapado de la esclavitud? ¿Cómo se reconstruye una infancia rota? Por Ana Palacios.

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Ana Palacios / madrid, spain
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Ana Palacios
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Ana Palacios

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Ana Palacios

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Ana Palacios
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Slave Children: The Back Door by Ana Palacios
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