Ana Palacios

Visual journalist
Location: Madrid
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Ana Palacios is a journalist and a documentary photographer focused in telling underrepresented stories with impact shining a light on broken corners in collaboration with NGOs such as Manos Unidas , Africa Directo and UNICEF . In 2021 she was... MORE
Recipient of @InsideNatGeo's Emergency Fund for Journalists
ana palacios
Mar 28, 2021
Recipient of Inside NatGeo’s Emergency Fund for Journalists.

I am thrilled and deeply honored to become a recipient of the National Geographic Society’s Emergency Fund for Journalists. This fund will help document the humanization in healthcare at hospitals with covid-19 patients in my area.
I will be able to work on this project in 2021 thanks to this amazing award.

Nat Geo has been supporting storytellers around the world and has put a map to showcase the work that has been done so far.

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CNN features animal sanctuaries in Spain story by Ana Palacios

Ana Palacios

'Armonía' exhibit in PHotoEspaña Festival. Círculo de Bellas Artes Madrid (Spain)

Ana Palacios / madrid, spain
Events News

'Las Habitantes' Ana Palacios opens her new exhibition in Madrid, Spain.

Ana Palacios
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Spanish animal sanctuaries at The Guardian Weekend Magazine

Ana Palacios

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Ana Palacios
Media News

Fighting to survive when the Amazon is under attack

Ana Palacios / Amazonas
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Slave Children: The Back Door

Ana Palacios
Recipient of @InsideNatGeo's Emergency Fund for Journalists by Ana Palacios
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