mariela alvarez xiloj

Location: Puerto Rico
Nationality: puerto rico
Biography: Hi I am a photographer without a camera. for many reasons including a Jurakan, i ve been without equipment for sou long. If you want to support this cause and help this single mom you can donate at least a penny at thru paypal. i... read on
Public Story
Credits: mariela alvarez xiloj
Date of Work: 07/16/19 - Ongoing
Updated: 07/18/19
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this is a story of more than 500 years of colonialism. Gentrification, despotism, deforestation, human experimentation and now days the selling of our land (that includes our beaches forests and  clean water). People have wake up and t riots wont stop until the governor and even La Junta de COntrol Fiscal take their hands out of our faces. We demand our freedom because we dont need you guys. We are great human beings with lots of creativity.  We have been tested even after 11 months without electricity we did survived because of our skills. THanks and let people know that this dictadura is OVER!!! 

By mariela alvarez xiloj —

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