mariela alvarez xiloj

abandoned houses in Puerto Rico: global warming
Location: Puerto Rico
Nationality: puerto rico
Biography: Hi I am a photographer without a camera. for many reasons including a Jurakan, i ve been without equipment for sou long. If you want to support this cause and help this single mom you can donate at least a penny at thru paypal. i... read on
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abandoned houses in Puerto Rico: global warming
Credits: mariela alvarez xiloj
Date of Work: 11/25/19 - Ongoing
Updated: 12/03/19
Abandonded places in Puerto RIco due to climate change and bad planification of the use of  the land. For more info  Google plan 2020, ley cofina and 22 Law. We are being extremely deforested and people are being gentrified.... and the land is for sale. Even the natural reserves, beaches,  even the places are no longer save to human life. This is an SOS for the land of the Cordero, Puerto Rico and for the puertoricans that live in the island.

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