Rachel Wolfe

Artist & Photographer
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Location: Oslo, Norway
Nationality: United States
Biography: Website: rachelwolfe.com   Representation: The Print Atelier Montréal, Canada  Assignments, Permission & Usage: rachel.wolfe@me.com Purchases & Support: PayPal   Member: Forbundet Frie Fotografer & LHSA Rachel... read on
Public Project
Virtual Material
Credits: rachel wolfe
Date of Work: 01/01/15 - Ongoing
Updated: 07/09/18
Location: Oslo, Norway

Virtual Material contains: Teknovisuell Experience, Bevegelsene, Relatively Dimensional Still-life 1919 in 2017, Ultraviolet Forest, Sirens Series, Sublime Domains, and video: Stop Bath. The images and installations in Virtual Material work on themes of memory and communication through visual technology interfaces. Working with representations of water to raise questions about relationship between environment and humans as visual, cognitive and embodied circuits.

Teknovisuell Experience, 2015-2016, size variable. Architecture scaled images of water emphasising etherial qualities of digital imaging technology. The installation of this work engages the viewers body in a spacial relationship in how the image appears. 

Bevegelsene, means movement in the Norwegian language. Sene is the muscle that moves the body forward. Exposures of the surface water from Oslofjord are made to consider iridesecent global culture rising from extracting oil from the earth. 

Sublime Domains are a series of film exposures worked to highlight the visual technology devices used in the constructino fo the image. The illusion is highlighted to supplant the real, as sublime or utopian spaces work in an embodied projected space while reality itself becomes transformed by technological influence. 

Stop Bath video is made for projection. The light refraction from moving water is highlighted in a video considering the movement of water, as time, a river, and fall of water. Referencing the process of photography among audio reminsiscent of a lullaby and a war drama.


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