Lisa Spencer

my children were here
Location: Winchester, MA
Nationality: American
Biography: Lisa Spencer is a photographer and writer based in Winchester, MA.  She specializes in documentary storytelling.  Award-winning and internationally published, her work has been featured several books (Mozambique Mosaic, 2012 and... MORE
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my children were here
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Date of Work Jan 2024 - Ongoing
Updated Apr 2024
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In 2014, I started my longest-running project to date-- parenthood. Now nearly ten years in the making, my foray into raising children seems to be permanent, although I have found that many stages of childhood are extremely transitory. I started documenting faceless evidence of my children as a tongue-in-cheek way to observe their presence in the house, and, in the process, gained an appreciation for the many ways in which little people imprint the physical evidence of their existence.
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