Rachel Wolfe

Artist & Photographer
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Location: Oslo, Norway
Nationality: United States
Biography: Website: rachelwolfe.com   Representation: The Print Atelier Montréal, Canada  Assignments, Permission & Usage: rachel.wolfe@me.com Purchases & Support: PayPal   Member: Forbundet Frie Fotografer & LHSA Rachel... read on
Public Project
Human Needs
Credits: rachel wolfe
Date of Work: 01/01/09 - Ongoing
Updated: 07/09/18
Location: Montréal, Canada

The image artwork submitted are part of Human Needs. Human Needs use formalities of depicting time in art history to explore relationships between mediated space and the nature of desire. The framing device of diptych, triptych, polyptych, and monolith forms are used as informants and structural elements for film exposures subjected to digital manipulation on difficult to grasp, but sensible, themes of water, intuition, and beauty.

The work is represented by The Print Ateliér in Montréal, Québec, Canada


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