Dawn Watson

Visual storyteller
The Book of May Be
Nationality: American
Biography: After twenty-five years as a professional dancer,  Dawn Watson shifted her artistic practice to photography. Watson’s photographic renderings continue to explore form, space, light, movement and story telling, just as she did as a... read on
Public Story
The Book of May Be
Copyright visura 2021
Date of Work 12/31/69 - 12/31/69
Updated 12/11/17

As if waking from a dream state, The Book of May Be explores the shifting nature of memory. This diminutive body of work, nested in a slipcase and wrapper, is a series of 2 x 2 inch diptychs, each in conversation. These images reference an old film strip, collaged from bits and pieces of story, sounds, smells, places and people creating a visual tone poem. Though we think of life as linear, it is always in a flow state, shape-shifting as in a lucid dream where time and place converge out of sequence and clouded recall.  


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