Dawn Watson

Visual storyteller
Nationality: American
Biography: After twenty-five years as a professional dancer,  Dawn Watson shifted her artistic practice to photography. Watson’s photographic renderings continue to explore form, space, light, movement and story telling, just as she did as a... read on
Public Story
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Date of Work 12/31/69 - 12/31/69
Updated 08/07/18

The time is 5AM on a late summer morning, at the change of seasons when the earth is warm and the air is cool and a fog has risen. These trees, standing tall for over a hundred years in the hills of New Hampshire, were destroyed by a freak storm in the spring of 2016. Witness, a series of images in both print and artist book, invite us to honor and remember, to enter in and be present. Trees bear witness, holding the mysteries of the world told through folklore and fantasy, science and study, revealing secrets and answers, offering comfort and healing. Past events and processes are recorded in the rings of growth, marking time, age and conditions. Not just metaphor, communities of trees take care of their own, nurturing and protecting by a symbiotic network rooted below the surface, spread by threads of fungi, connecting one tree root system to another. This connectivity is echoed throughout the natural world.


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