FROM EARTH'S PORE.(Story of the Abateezi)
Location: Tororo Uganda
Nationality: Ugandan
Biography: Kuloba Peter Tera is an artist and self-taught photographer based in Uganda. Tera's work was recognied by Uganda Press Photo, when he won four awards in four different categories. His work is focused on stories from his home country of Africa.... read on
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FROM EARTH'S PORE.(Story of the Abateezi)
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Updated 10/22/20
This is a story of the Salt Farmers and Extractors of Lake Katwe, this's a crater lake formed in a blast volcano. The rock salt locally known as Mahonde  top layer Mahonde are called Bududa. The finer crystal salt that is ready for consumption has been extracted rudimentarily for centuries save for the time the defunct Katwe Salt Plant was built during Amin's regime but didn't operate for long due to the high concentration of the saline solution that corroded the machinery leaving the old method as the only way of extraction.The Abateezi are the men who extract the rock salt from the lakes bed while the other fine salt is farmed in salt pans that are owned by families for decades.The salt mining processes are both grueling.The salt is exported to neighbouring countries for use in manufacture of soap, tannery, animal feed and for domestic use. The mode operations is well planned from extraction, offloading, buying by middlemen ,weighing to selling everyone has a role to play and the activities are dependent on human power no mechanisation except for vehicles and water pumps.