Simona Margherita Marcia

Documentary Photographer
Belfiore 9 - Art Sharing
Location: London, Turin, Madrid
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Coming soon...
Public Story
Belfiore 9 - Art Sharing
Copyright Simona Margherita Marcia 2022
Updated May 2022

Belfiore 9 - Art Sharing

Belfiore 9 - Art Sharing was born in 2016 in Turin from an idea of four friends united by a passion for the arts who felt the need to make them accessible to more people. The first event was held in a living room of an apartment in San Salvario (Turin, Italy).

To date, 25 events have been produced in 20 locations in 5 cities (London, Milan, Turin, Bergamo and Cordoba Argentina), 3 countries for a total of 150 artists and more than 2000 spectators.

Belfiore 9 is a community of artists and art lovers that organises events to promote art in all its facets by recovering the relational dimension: artists and audience participate in the same ritual, contaminate each other and feel part of a community.

The ultimate goal of Belfiore 9 is to support artists from all walks of life, social backgrounds or geographical origins who want to have access to an art education, something too often reserved for the few, especially in less developed geographical areas.

Belfiore 9 aims to be a self-sustaining community, supporting and giving space especially to emerging artists on their path of growth. Belfiore 9 aims to offer convivial moments with high cultural content to expand social networks among people and amplify their possibilities.

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