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The Sewing Lady from Noyemberyan
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Nationality: Italian
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The Sewing Lady from Noyemberyan
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Updated May 2022
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The Sewing Lady from Noyemberyan

Despite economic constraints, no bar for creativity: meet Alvard Kirakosyan who lives in the village of Dovegh in Armenia with her son.

She started a sewing workshop in Noyemberyan, a small town on the border Tavush region, where she sews bedding sets for babies, swaddling bands and towels among other things at her workshop.

Alvard sources the fabric for use from Yerevan, which is really far away. She believes that if the borders with Azerbaijan were open, her business would thrive. She would easily be able to buy the items she needs from nearby places, which will make her work easier.

Her daily travel to and fro can be quite stressful due to the lack of public transportation in the area. This means Alvard has to rely on her fellow villagers to give her a ride to the workshop situated four kilometres away from her village. Still, there are days when she covers the distance on foot.

The International Committee of the Red Cross works on both sides of the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan to help people deal with the security situation, loss of livelihood and lack of economic opportunities because of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

In border villages of Tavush region, Armenia, people often opt for creative pursuits to help sustain themselves. Alvard is one of them. We provided financial assistance to her and 64 other vulnerable families in the village who started various small-scale projects.
Commissioned by The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
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The Sewing Lady from Noyemberyan by Simona Margherita Marcia
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