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By Thomas Cristofoletti
Updated Mar 20, 2012
Working on an assignment for the spanish NGO Paz y Desarollo in the remote...
Burning, Cambodia, Documentary, Environment, Forest, Indigenous, Mondulkiri, Photography, Photojournalism, Progress, Travel
By Matteomacri.Com
Updated Aug 30, 2012
By Matteo Macri  
Conceptual, Contemporary, Dark, Dreams/Subconscious, England, Epping Forest, Fine Art, Landscape, London, Moody, New, Personal, Photography
Country Roads
By Maria Sturm
Updated Jan 23, 2013
Statement When we are young, we want to be adventurous, we want to...
Adolescence, Forest, Georgia, Landscape, Photography, Portraiture, Youth
The Winter Of Timothy Gray
By Elijah Hurwitz
Updated Apr 01, 2013
Evanston, Wyoming  - The temperature bottomed out at 10 degrees on the...
Abandonment, Affluence, Aging, Documentary, Dying/Death, Editorial, Evanston, Forest, Inheritance, Isolation, Mental Illness, Photography, Photojournalism, USA, Wyoming
By Acacia Johnson
Updated May 19, 2013
  The rain came in sheets and then in waves. It pounded our shelters...
Alaska Alaska, Dreams/Subconscious, Fine Art, Forest, Landscape, Nude, Photography, Water
Updated Aug 11, 2013
Manifesto is a sketch, in the perspective of being a project that is not...
Activism, Belief, Capitalism, Civil Rights, Confrontation, Discrimination/Minority, Documentary, Editorial, Events, Faith, Forest, Globalization, LISBOA, LISBON, Photography, Photojournalism, PORTUGAL, Protests, Revolution, Street, Workers' Rights
Updated Oct 04, 2013
What remains when everyone’s gone and the time did not stop? Only the...
Abandonment, Aging, Beauty, Celebration, Conceptual, Confrontation, Documentary, Emotion, Faith, Forest, Happiness, Hope, Isolation, Personal, Photography, Privacy, Sorrow
By Tony Donovan
Updated Nov 25, 2013
I've been lucky enough to have met a lot of interesting people in my life....
Aging, Belief, Bible, Connecticut, Documentary, Environment, Environmental, Forest, Landscape, Lyme, Sawmill, Senior Citizens
By Sara Swaty
Updated Nov 16, 2016
# handadventures is a long term visual diary that explores light, color,...
Adventure, California, Conceptual, Dreams/Subconscious, Emotion, Environment, Fine Art, Forest, Gesture, Hand, Handadventures, Hands, Happiness, Identity, Landscape, Los Angeles, Love, Personal, Photography, Portraiture, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Self, Self Portrait, Venice
A Revolution Without Blood
By Giovanna Del Sarto
Updated Dec 09, 2013
A Revolution without Blood is a reportage about the Journey to freedom in...
Abuse, Activism, Africa, Apartheid, Cape Town, Civil Rights, Colonialism, Discrimination/Minority, Documentary, Editorial, Elections, Faith, Forest, Freedom, Human Rights, Incarceration, Isolation, Landscape, Minority, Nelson Mandela,, Oppression, Photography, Politics, Prison, Racism, Revolution, Roben Island, South Africa
A Winter' S Tale
By Mattia Vacca
Updated Jan 03, 2014
I n a green valley, amongst coniferous forests and alpine pastures, the...
Arts, Borders, Celebration, Community, Documentary, Editorial, Emotion, Energy, Family, Fear, Forest, Happiness, Joy, Migration, Minority, Multimedia, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Youth
Road Behind The Road Ahead
By Marco Munoz
Updated Jan 04, 2014
Arts, Borders, Conceptual, Dreams/Subconscious, Education, Faith, Forest, Joy, Photography, Photojournalism, Street
High And Low
By Canbra Hodsdon
Updated Jan 06, 2014
High and Low On December 17th, 2011, an old friend reported his...
Abduction, Children, Corruption, Documentary, Domestic Violence, Dying/Death, Fear, Fine Art, Forest, Landscape, Loss, Missing, Missing Person, Photography, Photojournalism, Search, Searching, Sorrow, Suspicion, Violence, Water
By Rachel Jump
Updated Jan 09, 2014
Absence, Belonging, Black And White, Conceptual, Death, Family, Fear, Fine Art, Forest, Home, Isolation, Landscape, Loss, Nature, Nude, Personal, Photography, Portraiture
School Of Shepherds
By Joan Alvado
Updated Jan 09, 2014
SCHOOL OF SHEPHERDS Renewal and alternatives to the primary sector in...
Agriculture, Animals, Capitalism, Catalonia, Crisis, Documentary, Education, Environment, Environmental, Farming, Forest, Landscape, Livestock, Pastors, Photography, School/College, Shepherds, Spain, Workers' Rights, Youth
Tehran - Ocean Of Dreams
By Dominic Jan Geis
Updated Jan 09, 2014
Activism, Documentary, Editorial, Feminish, Forest, Human Rights, Islam, Performing Arts, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Portraiture, Protests, Street, Women's Rights, Youth
The Last Stop
By Lauren Hermele
Updated Jan 10, 2014
In “The Last Stop” I document the area in and nearby Wassaic,...
Abandonment, Agriculture, Animals, Community, Documentary, Editorial, Environmental, Family, Fine Art, Forest, Isolation, Landscape, Photography, Portraiture
The Witness Tree
By Carolyn Monastra
Updated Jan 12, 2014
The Witness Tree  is a photography project documenting the effects of...
Abuse, Activism, Agriculture, Animals, Beaches, Belief, Climate Change, Desert, Documentary, Drought, Editorial, Energy, Environment, Environmental, Epidemics, Fine Art, Fire, Flooding, Food, Forest, Global Warming, Globalization, Human Rights, Landscape, Melting Sea Ice, Migration, Photography, Portraiture, Science, Sea Level Rise, Spirituality, Travel, Water, Wildlife
Cousin, We Have Grown Up
By Ryan Walker
Updated Jan 10, 2014
Cousin, We Have Grown Up provides an intimate exploration of nature,...
Canada, Documentary, Dreams/Subconscious, Environmental, Faith, Fire, Food, Forest, Isolation, Landscape, Ontario, Photography, Photojournalism, Spirituality, Yearning
Into The Rubble
By Maciej Moskwa/TESTIGO.Pl
Updated Jan 18, 2014
Photographic record that contains photographs from Hama and Idlib provinces...
Idlib, Syria Civil Rights, Civil Wars, Dictatorship, Documentary, Editorial, Forest, Human Rights, Islam, Military, Militias, Photojournalism, Revolution, Soldiers, Syria, Violence, War, Weapons
By Tony Donovan
Updated Jan 31, 2014
Belief, Christianity, Forest, Photography, Politics, Saw Mill, Family Saw Mill, Bible, Elderly, Senior Citizens
By Alinne Rezende
Updated Feb 04, 2014
Back to Brazil, to revival my memories and culture, to remember my values,...
Beaches, Documentary, Environment, Forest, Landscape, Latin America, Personal, Photography, Portraiture
Silent Genocide
By Claire Kern
Updated Mar 09, 2014
In 1982, the Peopleʼs Republic of China passed a law, known as ʻthe one...
Abortion, Abuse, Activism, Belief, Birth, Borders, Buddhism, Children, Conceptual, Crime/Criminal Justice, Documentary, Editorial, Emotion, Family, Feminish, Forest, Genocide, Human Rights, Isolation, Love, Macro, Multimedia, Photography, Portraiture, Religion, Sexuality, Travel, Women's Rights
By Catrine Val
Updated Mar 10, 2014
FEMINIST Text by Babara Vinken FEMINIST  hovers between the realms of...
Abstract, Capitalism, Conceptual, Environment, Faith, Fashion, Feminish, Fine Art, Forest, Hope, Isolation, Photography, Portraiture, Women's Rights
The Castle
By Svetlana Volodina
Updated Mar 28, 2014
    Prehistory of project.   The next day after...
Disability, Documentary, Dying/Death, Fear, Forest, Health/Healing, Hope, Human Rights, Isolation, Mental Illness, Orphans, Photography, Privacy, Sexuality, Spirituality, Violence
Invisible Cities: Windows
By Youssef Rakha
Updated Apr 24, 2014
Abandonment, Black And White, Candid, City, Digital, Documentary, Dreams/Subconscious, Echo, Emotion, Fine Art, Forest, Globalization, Homelessness, Ilford Delta 3200, Immigration, Isolation, Loss, Monochrome, Morocco, Photography, Photojournalism, Reflection, Street, Urabn, Vscofilm
The Summer Of Our Lives
By Robert Larson
Updated Aug 07, 2014
“ Sometimes being a friend means mastering the art of timing....
Adolescence, Candid, Documentary, Emotion, Fine Art, Forest, Friends + Family, Happiness, Joy, Love, Personal, Photography, Travel, Vacation, Youth
Girl Anachronism
By Rocio De Alba
Updated Aug 05, 2017
G I R L  ...
New York Abandonment, Abstract, Aging, Arts, Belief, Birth, Children, Conceptual, Confrontation, Disability, Documentary, Dreams/Subconscious, Drug Abuse, Dying/Death, Emotion, Environment, Environmental, Erotic, Family, Feminish, Fine Art, Forest, Friends + Family, Happiness, Health/Healing, Homelessness, Hope, Isolation, Joy, Landscape, Latin America, Lesbian, Loss, Love, Mental Illness, Mixed Medium, Multimedia, Nude, Personal, Photography, Portraiture, Poverty, School/College, Sexuality, Sorrow, Spirituality, Women's Rights, Yearning, Youth
The Mojos Project
By Ivano Grasso
Updated Apr 27, 2017
The Hydraulic Civilizations of The Mojos and Family Agriculture in the...
Bolivia Action, Aerial, Agriculture, Borders, Business, Capitalism, Climate Change, Community, Conservation, Documentary, Editorial, Education, Energy, Environment, Environmental, Epidemics, Family, Fire, Food, Forest, Globalization, Health/Healing, Hope, Hunger, Immigration, Industrial, Landscape, Latin America, Migration, Pandemics, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Portraiture, Poverty, Science, Street, Travel, Water
Left Behind
By Clary Estes
Updated May 23, 2016
Summary In the wake of China’s rapid industrialization, many young...
China Abandonment, Adolescence, Birth, Borders, Buddhism, Capitalism, Children, Civil Rights, Community, Documentary, Environment, Family, Fine Art, Fire, Forest, Globalization, Happiness, Hope, Human Rights, Isolation, Loss, Oppression, Photojournalism, Politics, Religion
By Yvette Monahan
Updated Sep 30, 2014
  The Time of Dreaming the World Awake is a portrait of a place, a...
Beauty, Buddhism, Conceptual, Documentary, Dreams/Subconscious, Environment, Environmental, Faith, Fine Art, Forest, Hope, Joy, Landscape, Love, Personal, Photography, Portraiture, Spirituality, Water, Yearning
Monhegan, Island And Community
By David Aimone
Updated Nov 27, 2014
Monhegan is a small island 10 miles out in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast...
Black And White, Community, Documentary, Editorial, Environment, Environmental, Forest, Island, Landscape, Monhegan, Water
The Ties That Bind Us
By Jennifer Kaczmarek
Updated Dec 23, 2014
Arts, Conceptual, Documentary, Dreams, Dying/Death, Emotion, Faith, Family, Fashion, Fear, Fine Art, Forest, Large Format, Love, Motherhood, Nude, Personal, Sorrow
I Walk To Break Free Of The Fear
By Anna Leigh Clem
Updated Jun 05, 2017
Following the footsteps. I thought I was here alone, but it seems there’s...
Souris, Prince Edward Island Abandonment, Abstract, Arts, Conceptual, Dreams, Emotion, Environmental, Fine Art, Forest, Freedom, Isolation, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Subconscious, Yearning
By Anna Leigh Clem
Updated Aug 18, 2017
As an introvert, timidity is often forefront in my interactions with the...
Hudson Valley, New York Abstract, Arts, Black And White, Conceptual, Emotion, Environmental, Fine Art, Forest, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Portraiture, Relationships, Yearning
The Last Forest
By Tommaso Rada
Updated Oct 12, 2016
Mozambique always had a big area of forest. Today this area is decreasing...
Mozambique Agriculture, Documentary, Editorial, Environment, Environmental, Forest, Photojournalism
The Last Elephant Standing
By Tommaso Rada
Updated Oct 12, 2016
The forestall concession of Mr. Jacob J. Von Landsberg is 4 hours far from...
Mozambique Animals, Documentary, Editorial, Environment, Environmental, Forest, Landscape, Photojournalism
Gabura; A Village Of Sorrow
By Andrew Biraj
Updated Feb 02, 2015
A Village of Sorrow Gabura is an isolated village near the mangrove...
Agriculture, Children, Community, Documentary, Dying/Death, Editorial, Environment, Environmental, Forest, Health/Healing, Homelessness, Hunger, Illness, Photojournalism, Poverty, Sorrow, Travel, Water, Women's Rights
Shepherds 2.0
By Joan Alvado
Updated Feb 26, 2015
SCHOOL OF SHEPHERDS Renewal and alternatives to the primary sector...
Aguiró Agriculture, Alternatives, Animals, Capitalism, Catalonia, Crisis, Documentary, Ecology, Education, Environment, Environmental, Europe, Farming, Forest, Hope, Landscape, Livestock, Pastors, Personal, Photojournalism, Renewal, School/College, Shepherds, Spain, Workers' Rights, Youth
By Teresa Meier
Updated Nov 19, 2015
I was born in Oregon. I grew up swimming in crystalline mountain rivers...
Pacific Northwest Beachs, Forest, Friends + Family, Happiness, Joy, Landscape, Lifestyle, Oregon, Oregonians, Outdoors, Pacific Northwest, Summer, Travel, Youth
Of Snow
By Dimitri Mellos
Updated Dec 04, 2015
Central Park, New York Animals, Beauty, Birds, Candid, Central Park, Dogs, Dreams, Emotion, Environment, Environmental, Fine Art, Forest, Happiness, Joy, Landscape, New York, Personal, Photography, Snow, Snowfall, Water, Wildlife
Northern Customs
By Canbra Hodsdon
Updated Sep 16, 2017
The state of Maine yields some of the most drastic fluctuations in climate...
Maine, USA Canbra Hodsdon, Community, Documentary, Environment, Environmental, Fine Art, Forest, Friends + Family, Landscape, Lifestyle, Maine, Personal, Portraiture
By Viacheslav Kabanov
Updated Apr 02, 2015
Integration The modern civilization has put itself in a deadlock in...
Arts, Fear, Forest, Freedom, Kabanovphoto, Nude, Wildlife
An Illustrated Guide To Greece
By Dimitri Mellos
Updated Apr 07, 2017
For most people, the idea of Greece evokes either images of sunny beaches...
Greece Beachs, Beauty, Borders, Christianity, Environment, Fine Art, Forest, Greece, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Travel, Water
Where The Rivers Flow Through
By Aaron Vincent Elkaim
Updated Apr 06, 2016
Plans for the Belo Monte Dam Complex began in 1975 under the apex of military...
Altamira, Brazil Abuse, Beauty, Civil Rights, Community, Documentary, Editorial, Energy, Environment, Forest, Genocide, Human Rights, Industrial, Loss, Oppression, Photography, Photojournalism
Where They Belong
By Vinit Gupta
Updated Aug 15, 2015
Mahan is, the oldest Sal wood forest in Asia, Is last remaining patch of...
Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh,India Activism, Arts, Documentary, Documentary Photography, Editorial, Environmental, Faith, Forest, Freedom, Human Rights, Portraiture, Revolution
The Bird-Snake Mansion
By AdriáN UrréJola
Updated Jun 04, 2015
“Man is the only animal that nature has given consciousness,...
Environmental, Forest, Nature, Wildlife
The Dust
By Olga Ush
Updated Aug 08, 2015
Model: Nikita Y,
Moscow Arts, Conceptual, Editorial, Emotion, Environment, Environmental, Fashion, Fear, Fine Art, Forest, Freedom, Youth
Log Truck/Star
By Tony Donovan
Updated Nov 03, 2017
Log Truck/Star  Lyme, Connecticut Artist Bio: ...
Connecticut Agriculture, Conceptual, Environment, Environmental, Fine Art, Forest, Landscape, Photography, Weapons
By John Dalterio
Updated Aug 20, 2015
In progress
Boston, MA Environmental, Fine Art, Forest, Graffiti, Hope, Personal, Portraiture
Ninja Miners "Gold Rush"
By David Rengel
Updated Feb 07, 2016
The rugged landscape is littered Zaamar many holes that could sink at any...
Mongolia, Zaamar Community, Documentary, Environment, Environmental, Forest, Globalization, Gold, Human Rights, Industrial, Landscape, Miners, Mongolia, Ninja Miners, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Travel, Workers' Rights
Tribe - Somewhere Under The Rainbow
By Matjaz Krivic
Updated Sep 25, 2015
Tribe - Somewhere under the Rainbow As far as new age social utopias go,...
Documentary, Forest, Love, Peace, Photography, Rainbow, Tribe, Gathering
By Freddy Murphy
Updated Oct 02, 2015
Activism, Agriculture, Documentary, Education, Environment, Environmental, Faith, Family, Food, Forest, Happiness, Hunger, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture
Colors Of The Night
By Marshall Reyher
Updated Nov 01, 2015
Long exposures of assorted trees and plants illuminated by streetlights at...
Valley Cottage, Nj Fine Art, Forest, Landscape, Personal, Photography
How To Act In Extreme Situations Or Instances Of War
By Mattia Vacca
Updated Dec 22, 2015
The aggressive Russian stances towards the Baltic States and the military...
Lithuania Documentary, Editorial, Forest, Photography, Photojournalism, War, Weapons
Elegy For A Stolen Land
By Peter Sibbald
Updated Apr 19, 2016
Elegy for a Stolen Land "Retracing routes through my home place...
Greater Toronto Area, Ontario Canada Agriculture, Black And White, Documentary, Environment, Environmental, Fine Art, Food, Forest, Landscape, Photography
Small Is Beautiful
By Mansi Thapliyal
Updated Feb 19, 2016
The Van-Gujjars are a nomadic tribe originally from Jammu & Kashmir...
Uttarakhand Himalaya, Conservation,Van-Gujjars,Forest Rights,Environment,Walk,Cattle,Domestic Animals,Rituals, Culture,Tradition, India,, Nomads
Everything I Need
By Genevieve Pedulla
Updated Aug 24, 2016
Everything I need Shelter, fire, water, food: basic elements of...
Augusta, Maine Agriculture, Belief, Comfort, Documentary, Environment, Environmental, Forest, Happiness, Isolation, Photography
By Aitor Lara
Updated Apr 09, 2016
Project summary This project exposes the challenges of the Baka People in...
DJA FAUNAL RESERVE, CAMEROON Africa, Baka, Black And White, Borders, Cameroon, Capitalism, Community, Discrimination, Documentary, Environment, Environmental, Fear, Forest, Globalization, Health/Healing, HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, Illness, Immigration, Migration, Minority, Oppression, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Poverty, Pygmies, Racism, Rain Forest, Religion, Spirituality, Still Life, Travel, Water, Wildlife
Before The Storm: A Photographic Study Of America’S Coastline
By J Henry Fair
Updated Feb 28, 2016
PROJECT SUMMARY: In “Before the Storm”, I am making an aerial...
Abstract, Activism, Aerial, Beachs, Beauty, Capitalism, Documentary, Energy, Environment, Environmental, Fine Art, Forest, Globalization, Industrial, Landscape, Oil, Photography, Water
The Shaman Journey
By Diana Bagnoli
Updated Dec 19, 2016
MAYANTUYACU In the heart of the Amazon rainforest, on the banks of...
SHAMAN , CURANDERO, SELVA, MAYANTUYACU, ASHANINKA, ETNIC, AYAHUASCA, SELVA, RAIN, WATER, Shaman, Curandero, Peru, Amazonian, Ayahuasca, Ashaninka, Heal, Healing, Cancer, Treatment, Alternative, Zen, Mystic, Shamanism, Spiritual, Forest, Steam
The Shaman Journey
By Diana Bagnoli
Updated Apr 29, 2016
Abstract, Belief, Conceptual, Documentary, Editorial, Emotion, Environment, Environmental, Fine Art, Forest, Landscape, Photography, Travel
The Lake
By Michael Werner
Updated Mar 23, 2016
The Lake There is an area in Germany where you think you have been...
Schwangau, Germany Arts, Beachs, Beauty, Documentary, Dreams, Emotion, Environment, Faith, Fine Art, Forest, Happiness, Hope, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Spirituality, Texture, Travel, Vacation, Water
The Lake Unplugged
By Michael Werner
Updated Mar 23, 2016
The Lake Unplugged Forggensee is a lake located in the Ostallgaue...
Schwangau, Germany Arts, Beachs, Desert, Documentary, Dreams, Emotion, Environment, Environmental, Faith, Fine Art, Forest, Happiness, Hope, Joy, Landscape, Love, Peace, Photography, Spirituality, Texture, Travel, Vacation, Water
My Father`S Land
Updated Apr 27, 2016
More often than not, the use of the land I was born into is already...
Conceptual, Emotion, Environment, Family, Forest, Isolation, Love, Migration, Motherhood, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Racism, Street, Water, Yearning, Youth
By Michael Werner
Updated May 02, 2016
Trans-Tableaus I've always been fascinated by paintings, of all...
Architecture, Arts, Beachs, Beauty, Belief, Celebrations, Conceptual, Documentary, Dreams, Emotion, Energy, Environment, Environmental, Faith, Fine Art, Forest, Freedom, Happiness, Historical, Hope, Joy, Landscape, Love, Peace, Personal, Photography, Still Life, Travel, Vacation, Water
Chinook; The Ice Eater
By Matt Hamon
Updated Nov 13, 2016
Chinook winds are dry, warm, down-slope, foehn winds that occur on the lee...
The West Agriculture, Animals, Capitalism, Documentary, Dreams, Editorial, Environment, Environmental, Fine Art, Food, Forest, Globalization, Happiness, Industrial, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Portraiture, Technology, Travel, Water
The Hamagurihama Project
By Clary Estes
Updated Aug 12, 2016
The Hamagurihama Project came about as a...
Hamagurihama, Japan Abandonment, Activism, Adolescence, Agriculture, Animals, Belief, Buddhism, Civil Rights, Community, Confrontation, Corruption, Documentary, Dreams, Dying/Death, Education, Emotion, Environment, Environmental, Family, Food, Forest, Friends + Family, Globalization, Happiness, Health/Healing, Historical, Homelessness, Hope, Human Rights, Isolation, Loss, Love, Multimedia, Peace, Photojournalism, Politics, Senior Citizens, Short Film, Sorrow, Travel, Vacation, Water, Youth
By Francesco Chiot
Updated Jun 28, 2016
Oneiros "Oneiros è una metafora sul rapporto tra uomo e natura...
Friuli Venezia Giulia Abandonment, Abstract, Arts, Beachs, Conceptual, Dreams, Dying/Death, Emotion, Energy, Environment, Environmental, Fine Art, Forest, Historical, Infrared, Isolation, Landscape, Photography, Sorrow, Spirituality, Travel, Vacation, Water, Yearning
By Francesco Chiot
Updated Jun 28, 2016
[IR]REALE "Quando parliamo di realtà ciò che naturalmente fa la nostra...
Europe Abandonment, Abstract, Aging, Beachs, Conceptual, Dreams, Emotion, Energy, Environment, Environmental, Faith, Fine Art, Forest, Freedom, Happiness, Health/Healing, Historical, Hope, Infrared, Joy, Landscape, Mental Illness, Peace, Photography, Science, Sorrow, Spirituality, Vacation, Water, Yearning
Spring Countryside Around ŠUmperk And JeseníKy
By Lenka Hoffmannova
Updated Jun 21, 2016
Spring in countryside near town Šumperk and in Jeseníky mountains.
Bludov Czech Republic Action, Agriculture, Animals, Beauty, Conceptual, Documentary, Environment, Forest, Landscape, Photography, Photojournalism, Still Life, Water
Fall Countryside Around ŠUmperk And In JeseníKy Mountains
By Lenka Hoffmannova
Updated Jun 24, 2016
The fall around my town Šumperk and in Jeseníky mountains.
Jeseniky The Czech Republic Environment, Environmental, Forest, Landscape, Photography, Still Life
By Rakesh Malik
Updated Oct 27, 2017
A sampling of my fashion photography.
Beauty, Editorial, Fashion, Fine Art, Forest, Photography
Nudes In Nature
By Rakesh Malik
Updated Jun 26, 2016
Fine art nudes in nature.
Seattle Environment, Environmental, Feminism, Fine Art, Forest, Glamour, Landscape, Nude, Photography, Water
Europe's Depopulated
By AdriáN DomíNguez
Updated Aug 21, 2017
Celtiberian Mountain Range, Iberian Peninsula Abandonment, Aging, Agriculture, Black And White, Community, Desert, Discrimination, Documentary, Editorial, Environment, Environmental, Forest, Globalization, Isolation, Lifestyle, Migration, Minority, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Poverty
Rapa Das Bestas
By AdriáN DomíNguez
Updated Aug 10, 2017
Galicia, Spain Animals, Black And White, Documentary, Editorial, Emotion, Energy, Environment, Environmental, Forest, Photography, Photojournalism
Indigenous Portraits
By Luiz C. Ribeiro
Updated Mar 24, 2017
Indigenous populations are the truly guardians of our environment, without...
Palmas, Tocantins Arts, Community, Environment, Forest, Latin America, Mixed Medium, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture
The Barabaig: Tanzania
By Dana Ullman
Updated Aug 12, 2016
Evicted and Abandoned: The World Bank’s Broken Promise to the Poor...
Tanzania Abandonment, Abuse, Activism, Africa, Tanzania, East Africa, Indigenous Peoples, Human Rights, Barabaig, World Bank, Investigative Journalism, Agriculture, Borders, Capitalism, Children, Community, Confrontation, Corruption, Crime, Discrimination, Emotion, Family, Forest, Genocide, Globalization, Homelessness, Human Rights, Isolation, Loss, Migration, Minority, Politics, Tanzania, Violence, Weapons
Warehouse Of Souls
By Aggelos Barai
Updated Sep 10, 2016
These photographs of mine, are not considered to be a work of art, but in...
Eidomeni Black And White, Borders, Children, Conceptual, Documentary, Faith, Family, Forest, Hope, Human Rights, Hunger, Immigration, Industrial, Islam, Loss, Migration, Military, Militias, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Poverty, Protests, Refugees, Sorrow, Teens, Yearning, Youth
By Deleigh Hermes
Updated Sep 11, 2016
In 2012, I met a cannabis farmer from Mendocino county, California. I asked...
Mendocino County, California Agriculture, Documentary, Environment, Forest, Photography
Miracle Baby
By Rocio De Alba
Updated Jul 19, 2017

Abandonment, Abuse, Adolescence, Adoption, America, Arts, Belief, Birth, Children, Community, Conceptual, Confrontation, Crime, Culture, Discrimination, Documentary, Domestic Violence, Dreams, Drug Abuse, Editorial, Emotion, Energy, Environment, Faith, Family, Fear, Feminism, Fine Art, Forest, Freedom, Friends + Family, Future, Happiness, Health/Healing, Homelessness, Hope, Human Rights, Illness, Interior, Isolation, Joy, Landscape, Latin America, Lifestyle, Love, Minority, Mixed Medium, Motherhood, Multimedia, Nude, Oppression, Orphans, Parenting & Family, Peace, Peacekeeping, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Poverty, Pregnancy/Birth, Relationships, Reporting, Short Film, Spirituality, Still Life, Street, TV, Women's Rights, Youth
By Diana Bagnoli
Updated Dec 17, 2016
Motivated by the crisis, economic collapse, global overheating or religious...
Agriculture, Belief, Climate Change, Community, Confrontation, Documentary, Dreams, Editorial, Education, Environment, Environmental, Family, Forest, Freedom, Friends + Family, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Spirituality, Travel, Wildlife
The Bomb Hunters Of Kosovo
By Emanuele Amighetti
Updated Feb 08, 2017
The hunt for the hidden bombs and landmines in Kosovo “Landmine....
Kosovo Abandonment, Agriculture, Civil Rights, Civil Wars, Culture, Documentary, Europe, Forest, Human Rights, International, Landimines, Landscape, Peacekeeping, Photography, Photojournalism, Reporting
THE BUKUT, Casamance
By Diana Bagnoli
Updated Jan 05, 2017
THE BUKUT, Casamance, August 2016. Summer time in a small village of...
AFRICAN, AFRICA, CASAMANCE, BUKUT, BLACK, PEOPLE, PARTY, DIOLA, WOLOF, INITIATION, MEN, SOUND, FOREST, HOLY, MARABOUT, Senegal, Dakar, Immigration, Migration. Immigrant, Missing, Dead, Africa, African, Desapearing, Poor, Poverty, Clandestinity
South Sudan's "Road To Prosperity"
By Shadi Bushra
Updated Dec 31, 2016
When South Sudan was birthed after a long...
Juba, South Sudan Abandonment, Abundance, Action, Activism, Adolescence, Adoption, Affluence, Agriculture, Architecture, Belief, Candid, Capitalism, Christianity, Civil Rights, Civil Wars, Climate Change, Combat, Community, Confrontation, Corruption, Crime, Dictatorship, Discrimination, Documentary, Domestic Violence, Dreams, Dying/Death, Editorial, Education, Elections, Emotion, Energy, Environment, Environmental, Faith, Family, Fear, Fine Art, Fire, Food, Forest, Freedom, Gangs, Genocide, Globalization, Historical, Homelessness, Hope, Human Rights, Hunger, Immigration, Industrial, Islam, Isolation, Landscape, Loss, Migration, Military, Militias, Minority, Mixed Medium, Motherhood, Multimedia, Oil, Oppression, Orphans, Peace, Peacekeeping, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Portraiture, Poverty, Prostitution, Racism, Religion, Revolution, Soldiers, Sorrow, Spirituality, Street, Teens, Terrorism, Travel, Violence, War, Water, Weapons, Wildlife, Workers' Rights, Yearning, Youth
By Jon Michael Anzalone
Updated Jan 06, 2017
Three moments, two journeys, and a diary, NO LAWS is a long read, slow burn...
Bozeman America, Black And White, Costa Rica, Forest, International, Landscape, Longform, Nation, Photography, Street, Travel
A Naturalist's Guide To Short Walks In Southern Vermont
By Andrew Hogan
Updated Jan 19, 2017
The photographs were taken with a four thirds camera outfitted with a lens...
Putney, Vermont Black And White, Environment, Fine Art, Forest, Landscape, Personal, Photography, Still Life
Cambodia's Cardamom Forest
By Luke Duggleby
Updated Feb 02, 2017
The Cardamom Mountains remains one of Southeast Asia's last great forests....
Cambodia Activism, Aerial, Agriculture, Asia, Belief, Buddhism, Capitalism, Civil Rights, Climate Change, Community, Confrontation, Corruption, Crime, Culture, Documentary, Editorial, Energy, Environment, Forest, Globalization, Human Rights, Loss, Minority, Photography, Photojournalism, Protests, Reporting, Travel, Wildlife
Escalating Violence In Myanmar
By Vilhelm Stokstad
Updated Jul 20, 2017
Over the last couple of months, the Burmese military has intensified its...
Laiza, Myanmar Buddhism, Christianity, Combat, Documentary, Forest, Freedom, Human Rights, Military, Militias, Minority, Oppression, Peace, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Religion, Revolution, Violence, War
Mlabri Of Northern Thailand
By Sascha Richter
Updated Jul 17, 2017
The Mlabri are the smallest ethnic group living in Thailand, numbering...
Thailand, Nan/ Phrae Province Agriculture, Black And White, Community, Documentary, Education, Environment, Ethnic, Forest, Freedom, Globalization, Lifestyle, Migration, Minority, Photojournalism, Poverty, Travel