Scott Norris

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Location: Sacramento, CA
Nationality: US
Biography: Scott Norris is a fine art photographer and freelance science writer based in Sacramento, CA and Inverness, CA. His photography is the latest stage in a life-long inquiry that has encompassed studies in cultural anthropology, poetry and... read on
Public Story
Vegetal Mediations
Credits: scott norris
Date of Work: 07/01/17 - Ongoing
Updated: 08/13/19
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Like the Mojave Desert, or humanity, this project is a work in progress. Various philosophical reflections enter into it, as does a lifetime of revelatory experiences in the desert. In this difficult time in history, it seems to me essential to pay close attention to the powers and potentialities of our bodies and their deep ecological entanglements.

To better understand my human nature, I try to relearn and celebrate my common ancestries with all non-human life. Standing among creosote I am aware of a flood of thoughts and perceptions crossing and re-crossing horizons of the landscape and what I call myself. I carry home what I can, in traces left on and in my body like so many unexposed images. And then, using various techniques, I try to build pictures that say something about my experiences: of  recognition and reunion, love and desire, capacious being beyond the fixed and impoverished identities afforded by a market-driven culture.

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