Scott Norris

Location: Sacramento, CA
Nationality: US
Biography: Scott Norris is a fine art photographer and freelance science writer based in Sacramento, CA and Inverness, CA. His photography is the latest stage in a life-long inquiry that has encompassed studies in cultural anthropology, poetry and... read on
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Credits: scott norris
Date of Work: 01/01/16 - Ongoing
Updated: 12/19/19
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I am interested in the expressive potential of grouped images presented as a single picture. Hybrid images violate the expectation that photography is about seeing and capturing single moments in time and space, and allow a kind of higher-order compositional structure to emerge. I am also interested in the relationship between photographs, as representational objects, and the mental representations that structure our perception and memory.

In this series, I use image triads to depict the fragmented and assembled nature of my experience of being in the world.  Like mental images arising from lived experience, each picture is a representation—flawed or true—of some experiential moment. Each stands alongside others in some relationship, the nature of which may or may not be clear. What emerges is not a narrative about myself, but a kind of simplified model of my “self” as an ongoing synthesis of constantly changing elements: bodily sensation, perception, emotion, thought, memory, anticipation. My goal is to convey something about the how we occupy the world in multiple ways at once: in our bodies and our minds, our perceptions and our memories, in our waking awareness and in our dreams.


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