Alejandra Rajal

Documentary Photographer
NPR: Violence in Mexico
Location: Puebla, Mexico
Nationality: Mexican
Biography: Alejandra Rajal is a documentary photographer born and based in Mexico. Her vision focuses mainly on creating awareness of different realities through photographs, aiming to social conscience, empathy and sensibility to others. Currently, she... read on
NPR: Violence in Mexico
alejandra rajal
Jun 25, 2018
Location: tepoztlan

I would like to share, the visual work I did for NPR which was published today.

I went to Tepoztlán, Morelos in Mexico to document the story and absence of Albino Quiroz after his kidnapping in March 2017. Until this day he remains disappeared while his family keeps looking for him by all means possible. 

      Last Year, A Retired Mexican Schoolteacher Vanished. His Family Still Seeks Answers
          Albino Quiroz Sandoval left home to go shopping last year and never returned. A man has been arrested, but most crimes in Mexico go unpunished. More than 37,000 people have gone missing since 2007.


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