Alejandra Rajal

Documentary Photographer
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Nationality: Mexican
Biography: Alejandra Rajal is a documentary photographer born and based in Mexico. Her vision focuses mainly on creating awareness of different realities, aiming to social conscience. Currently, she works as a freelance photographer dividing her time between... read on
VICE: People talk about Cannabis Legalization in Mexico
alejandra rajal
Dec 29, 2020
Location: Mexico
"On November 19, the Senate of Mexico took a historic step by approving a ruling that would legalize the adult use of cannabis in the country. The bill includes not only the ability to legally buy and consume marijuana but also to grow it at home, obtain licenses to grow it in the field, sell plant-based products, and conduct research. Now all eyes are on the Chamber of Deputies, which will still have to debate the opinion and make a decision. If approved, it will come to the hands of the President, who will determine if it finally becomes a law." - Maya Averbuch.

In the last year, I´ve been working with writer Maya Averbuch on a series of stories about Marijuana in Mexico with the support of Fundación Gabo (COL) and Open Society Foundations (USA).

5 personas hablan de la legalización de la marihuana en México
¿Qué tienen que decir los usuarios de cannabis sobre el dictamen que aprobó el Senado el pasado 19 de noviembre?

5 personas hablan de la legalización de la marihuana en México
¿Qué tienen que decir los usuarios de cannabis sobre el dictamen que aprobó el Senado el pasado 19 de noviembre?


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